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There are all about Data Warehouse (DWH), Business Intelligence (BI), Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Data Management, Data Quality, Data Modeling, and Meta Data.

New Features of CA ERwin® Data Modeler r8

In 2011, CA Technologies launched the new r8 version of its well-known modeling product family. New CA ERwin Data Modeler r8 has many new features and enhancements applied to functionality and the user interface. This article briefly reviews new features and enhancements of CA ERwin® Data Modeler r8.

Business Intelligence for Small and Middle Business with QuickBooks

This article describes a few ways to develop simple but useful analytical solutions for small and middle businesses that use QuickBooks software for accounting and financial management. Analytical capabilities can be reached by using almost only standard office applications and just one additional component.

Change Data Capture (CDC) Methods

There are theoretically several possible techniques and technologies to handle change data capture processes (CDC process), such as full comparing source and target, comparing source and target by using CRC, using transaction log files, using commercial change data capture applications, using DBMS's CDC-feature, using triggers, using DBMS replication, and using an indicator of update on source records. All of these methods have advantages as well as disadvantages.

Strange Customer's Requirements

There are our requirements. We need to draw the seven red lines. All of these lines must be strictly perpendicular and besides some of them must be drawn in green, and some must be transparent.

What do you think this is possible?

Approach to Data Quality Management for Creating Information Systems Based on DWH Technology

The presentation "Approach to Data Quality Management for Creating Information Systems Based on DWH Technology."
Authors: Sergei Kolomiets, Vladimir Korenevich. The presentation was demonstrated by S. Kolomiets at the Informatica partner workshop.

Major risk factors in a data warehouse project implementation

Internationally known experts in business intelligence and data warehousing technology answer the questions: What are the major risk factors in a data warehouse project implementation? Do you have any case studies for these risk factors?

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